We talked to the "Content Queen" Kristi Gustafson Barlette this morning about whether or not you "stalk" your ex on Facebook and the answer might shock you!

Over 84 percent of people admit to doing it.  The other 16 percent are lying! Heck, I don't even have Facebook and I'll pop in now and again to see what they're up to. Not because I care (ok, maybe I care a little) but because I'm human.  Our minds drift off to previous relationships like they would anything else; vacations, work related stuff, kids, etc. and Facebook makes it way too easy to visit our old stomping grounds for a quick peak.  Did they (hopefully) gain weight, have a new (less attractive) boyfriend or girlfriend, how's that new job? Sure hope they're making less money than before!

I'm a firm believer in always moving forward and not looking back, but even the fastest cars come equipped with a rear view mirror. Oh, and one more thing, your ex is watching you too.  You sure you wanna have that second bowl of ice cream?


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