Ford Motor Company is recalling over 16-hundred vehicles due to a safety issue.  The recall is for the 2011 Ford Explorer, which in just January, more than 73-hundred of these vehicles were sold. 

Evidently there is a safety issue involving the second-row seats.  The company says the manual reclining mechanisms on the seats do not meet federal safety standards.  Effected vehicles were built between July 15th, 2010 and December 13th, 2010. 


Just last week, Ford also recalled nearly 363-thousand F-150 pickups.  That recall was intiated because of a defective interior door handle.  Last week's recall in addition to this week's brings Ford's recall total to more than 900-thousand.  For the entire year of 2010, Ford recalled about 600-thousand vehicles.  Not a  very good start to 2011.

In case you drive a new Explorer, Ford plans to repair the recalled Explorers under warranty for any consumer who purchased one beginning February 14th, 2011.  Contact your Ford dealer or a dealer near you to get your recall taken care of.

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