Yard sales are great for a number of reasons. Obviously, there is the reason that you can score something awesome for a good deal, but the true reason is because you do not know what you will find going into it.

Growing up, I remember being dragged to a yard sale for the first time with an older family member. Being a dramatic child, I thought the day was going to be the most boring and that attending the yard sale would, in fact, be the end of the world-especially because it meant that I could not watch "Power Rangers." However, after being forced out of the car and practically trotted onto a stranger's yard, I began to see what yard sales really are: giant treasure hunts.

One item a person is getting rid of may just be that one thing you need to make your remodeling project shine. Or if you are really lucky, you can find a collectible that someone unknowingly marked for a couple of bucks.

Being able to explore through tables of other people's knick knacks is something truly unique to yard sales. I mean, if you did that and it was not at a tag sale, you probably would land in jail.

Have you ever found anything good at a tag sale? If not this is your chance! Check out The World's Largest Spring Yard Sale on May 17!

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