Pitchers and catchers are still weeks away but the Yankees and Rangers are already going at it. Yankees president Randy Levine had some harsh words for Rangers owner Chuck Greenburg.  Greenburg has been saying the Rangers kept the Cliff Lee deal up in the air just long enough to let the Phillies sneak in and steal Lee from the Yanks.

"I think Chuck is delusional," Levine told ESPNewYork.com. "He has been running the Rangers for a few minutes and seems to believe he's mastered what everyone else is thinking. I think he should let Cliff Lee speak for himself. I'll be impressed when he demonstrates he can keep the Rangers off welfare. What I mean is make them not be a revenue-sharing recipient for three years in a row, without taking financing from baseball or advance money from television networks. Then I'll be impressed."

Pitchers and catchers report to camp on Febuary 17th. How much drama can these two stir up in the mean time. Levine you are the president of the 27 time World Series Champion New York Yankees. Why in the world you run your mouth. Rise above man!

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