There's a law being proposed in Pennsylvania that is holding parents accountable for their kids' bullying and making them pay for it. Would you support this law in New York?

Pennsylvania State Representative Frank Burns is proposing a law that will fine parents up to $500 after three strikes if their child is a repeat offender. Distractify broke down the three strikes mentioned in the law.

1. After the first offense, the school is required to inform the parents of the kids who bullied how they handled their bullying.

2. After the second offense, the parents will be forced to attend a seminar on "bullying resolution and the effects of bullying."

3. After the third strike, parents of the offending child will be issued a court appearance citation and could be fined up to $500.

The hope is that this will hold parents accountable for their child's actions in school. Do you think a law like this will help curb bullying in schools at all? Is this the best idea?

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