Woodstock, New York is not just the name of a music festival or a small town tucked away in the Hudson Valley. Woodstock is a spirit, a feeling and an inspiration. Artists from around the world have gravitated to this destination to see if some of that creative magic is still in the air, and it is.

So, if you are going to live in Woodstock, why have an ordinary house? It makes sense that you would live in something unique, artistic and extraordinary. Something like 'Curved Space'.

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The home at 117 Raycliff Drive in Woodstock, NY certainly has some of the every day creature comforts of a 'regular house'. You will find 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and over 3,000 square feet of living space. All of this within the walls of one of the most unique homes you will ever see.

Scroll through the pictures below to see what I am talking about. For one, the land it beautiful as the home is perched on 8.3 acres on a hilltop. This place is like something out of a movie and in a way it is. This home was created by Academy Award winning filmmaker Hilary Harris.


This home is currently listed by Timothy Hurley at Coldwell Banker for $679,000. Yes, the property is beautiful with a gorge, stream and waterfall but the house and they way it was built is what is to behold here.

I doubt you have ever seen anything quite like 117 Raycliff Drive in Woodstock, NY. Let's take a look around.

Woodstock, NY's Curved Space House

This Woodstock New York home is as creative and magical as the town itself.

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