Original Woodstock promoters are putting on a 50th anniversary show, and it looks like it could include some of Country's biggest stars.

Could another version take place this summer including the Zac Brown Band, Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean?

The original Woodstock 3 day festival that took place back in August of 1969 is most likely the most legendary concert ever held. You have head all the stories: the Thruway closing from the influx of concert goers, the rain, the mud and well some of rock and roll's most legendary acts performing at Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel.

As we approach the festival's 50th anniversary, promoters of the original festival are looking to commemorate 50 years with another Woodstock. According to a New York Upstate report, an anniversary festival is in the works and it is rumored promoters have reached out to some of Country's biggest stars including Zac Brown Band, Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean.

So how big a festival are we talking? The NYUP report says 2 stages are being considered, one for about 30,000 people and then the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts would be utilized as a second stage for about 15,000.

Now, it is impossible to recreate what made the original Woodstock such a phenomenon. Trust me, I know this from first hand experience. I went to the 30th Anniversary Woodstock '99 in Rome and you know how that one ended up. But, based on the size and scope of what is being planned, this edition of the festival sounds like it will be a great homage to the original Woodstock: one that celebrates the music and the spirit of Woodstock, without the Thruway closing. ;)

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