It seems that the Devil and God were pretty busy with a woman named Stephanie Hamman of Church Hill, Tennessee this past Sunday. According to her, they have been talking to her quite a bit and this last Sunday, convinced her that she had to drive her car into a church, and stab her husband.

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News station WFSA reported that just before 10:00 pm Stephanie drove into the Providence Church because, "So God told me He wanted me in there, so I drove my car through the front doors.” she then laid on the alter with the large kitchen knife that the Devil had told her to bring with her until her husband arrived to check on her.

She was upset that her husband had been "worshiping the Nascar race at Bristol" she said, “I laid down in front of the altar until he got there, I prayed I would not have to use it on him, but I did.” When he arrived to see if she was OK, she stabbed him in the chest.

Fortunately, he survived and is in the hospital.

After being arrested Stephanie asked if her husband was OK and mentioned that she smokes a lot of "weed". In fact it would seem that this whole thing got started because of her love of the weed. Hamman said, that she had decided to live for God, and that God told her she should not smoke marijuana all day and night. God said that she only needed to smoke pot to relax at night.

Seems like good advice to me. Now she will be smoking a LOT less weed locked in a cell with her voices. She has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and felony vandalism.