It feels like we are getting snow every few days right now, but that trend could come to a quick end in March.

The snow is piling up this month, and we have hit that point of the season where we are just getting sick of the cold weather. We are a hearty bunch in New York1. But once we pass Ground Hog Day, even for those of us who enjoy winter, we are ready to move on to longer days and warmer temperatures. This spring, they could be much warmer!

The Weather Channel has released an updated outlook for spring 2021 and they are calling for above-average temperatures in the Northeast for March, and the warm trend should continue through April. Temperatures in May should be closer to their seasonal averages. Weather Channel forecasters are actually predicting a sudden "flip" from cold to mild temperatures in March. Do you know how Mother Nature flips the switch in August from hot to fall-like temperatures? Seems she is ready to do the same next month, which is only weeks away.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves and jump into spring fever too early. Over the next week, we have a few days of snow showers and a good chunk of snow in the forecast for Tuesday. And we know even when we get to March, regardless of warm spring weather outlooks, the third month of the year is a wildcard when it comes to weather. We can go from spring-like conditions to full-on blizzard mode in the blink of an eye.

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