First off. Window tint has always been frowned upon by police officers. A new law that is put into effect on Sunday may cause your car to fail inspection.

As a person who just got a new car and someone who has always admired window tint, this upsets me. Not that I need tint. I never have had it mainly because I don't feel the need to have it. Its got a cool factor? Yes. A necessity factor? Not so much. What many don't know is that in reality no new laws are in effect.

The only thing you really need to be aware of is the fact that if your front windows have anything less than 70% of light going through them they will cause your car to fail its yearly inspection. Also know, if you own a passenger car which I will assume means anything other than an SUV or a truck, No tint is legal. If you own a SUV you can go as dark as you want with rear windows but the front windows must allow 70% of light through. Inspection locations across the state will now have to take all of this into account while inspecting vehicles starting January 1st. Which sucks.

News 10 spoke with not just an inspector but also Tint Star. The video and story are in the link below.


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