Free parking is a great start that should lead to a whole mountain of more freebies for our Capital Region Veterans & active military.

Think about anytime you have seen a Veteran or an active military person at a bar. I am sure in most cases either you, or someone at the establishment, has purchased a beverage for the brave man or woman. Yes, it is a small gesture compared to their sacrifices. But a symbolic one. No one who has fought for this Country should ever have to buy a drink again, right? But the freebies and benefits should be way more than that for our Veterans.

That's what what Troy is doing could be the start of something good. According to a Times Union report, Troy City Council President Carmella Mantello is working on creating free parking spaces for Veterans and active military. The benefit would also extend to widows or widowers. Mantell told the Times Union the spaces are a way to honor our Veterans and active military everyday.

I say when it comes to our Veterans and active military, the more freebies the better. I know there are lots of discounts and great benefits already out there, but these are heroes who have sacrificed so much for our freedom; we should always give them all we can to show our appreciation. It would be great to see more cities in the Capital Region performing similar gestures of gratitude.

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