We all worry that someone will get into our computer history and see exactly what we Google. But did you know Googling "Pressure Cookers" and "Backpacks" could get you a visit from a Joint Terrorism Task Force?

Earlier this week a couple in Nassau New York got just such a visit. Michele Catalano  was searching for a new pressure cooker online.  And at the same time, her husband was searching for a new backpack. The next morning six agent from a Joint Terrorism Task Force were at their door.

Turns out it wasn't some government spy program that noticed the searches it was Michele's former employer.

"Suffolk County Criminal Intelligence Detectives received a tip from a Bay Shore based computer company regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released employee.  The former employee’s computer searches took place on this employee’s workplace computer. On that computer, the employee searched the terms “pressure cooker bombs” and “backpacks.”"

The authorities say the computer was actually used to look up "Pressure cooker bombs" but it was the couples kid doing research on the Boston Marathon Bombings.