I will never understand how people can just discard animals. The story I came across made me think what could have happened to these animals and how fortunate there was a happy ending. At 5:30 yesterday morning, a cardboard box filled with puppies was found outside of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. A man, who works for the shelter, had discovered the box that appeared to have fallen out of a dumpster early in the morning. He thought that it was left there overnight and noticed a puppy peeking out. Turns out there were three more puppies inside. They were six week old hound mix puppies.

The worker said that the puppies were fortunate not to get run over or eaten by wildlife as they were left in the middle of the night. The puppies were covered with fleas but otherwise in good health. They will be placed in foster homes and in a month be ready for adoption at the Mohawk Humane Society.

I hope that people are more responsible with living, breathing, animals. Thank goodness these puppies were found and now they can go to homes where people will love and take care of them.

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