You've heard the word Bocephus in song and may have wondered what or who it means? Hank Williams Jr. is Bocephus!  But, how'd he get the nickname?

Hank Williams Sr. started calling his son Bocephus after watching Grand Ole Opry comedian Rod Brasfield use a puppet named Bocephus in his comedy act. Some reports say that Hank Williams Sr. thought that little Hank Williams Jr. looked like the puppet and the name just stuck. By the way, it was also Hank Williams Sr. who gave Little Jimmy Dickens his nickname of 'Tater,' based on Jimmy's hit 'Take An Old Cold Tater And Wait.'

Hank Williams Sr. died at the age of 29 (January 1, 1953), leaving behind a very young Hank Jr. who was born on May 26, 1949.

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