little jimmy dickens

18 Little Jimmy Dickens Guitars for Sale
Eighteen guitars from Little Jimmy Dickens’ personal collection are for sale through a consignment at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. The instruments — many worn from years of use on stage — are priced between $1,500 and $20,000.
Little Jimmy Dickens: Pictures Through the Years
When Little Jimmy Dickens joined the Grand Ole Opry, Harry Truman was president and a gallon of gas went for 16 cents. The first picture in this photo gallery of the legend’s life was taken two years later, with his little girl Pamela — just able to walk — by his side.
Who Is Bocephus?
You've heard the word Bocephus in song and may have wondered what or who it means? Hank Williams Jr. is Bocephus!  But, how'd he get the nickname?

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