I have worked in radio all over New York State. Glens Falls, Watertown, Utica and Albany here at Country 107.7, WGNA-FM.

When I was in Glens Falls the favorite NFL team up there was the NY Giants. In Watertown it was the NY Giants, with the Buffalo Bills a close second. In Utica it was actually the Buffalo Bills with the Giants in second and the Jets a close third. Now that I am in Albany I have wondered.

I know that the NY Giants have training camp here in town at UAlbany, but the last 2 years the Jets have been coming on strong and I have been seeing a lot of "Gang Green" on the streets of the Capital Region. I truly have no horse in the New York footbal race. My team has always been the Oakland Raiders, since I was 4 years old. Why the Raiders? When I was kid I loved my grandpa Fred. he walked on water in my eyes. He was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for life. The Steelers and The Raiders were playing for the AFC Championship game way back when I was 4 years old. The Raiders won the game, and my grandpa that I loved more than the life itself did something he never did before in front of me. He swore! He said, "Those *!#$ing Raiders!!!

My mom came over later that evening to pick me up at my nana and grandpa's house and asked how my day had been. I said, "Mommy I like the Raiders!". She asked me why I all of sudden liked the Raiders and I told her, "They made grandpa swear!"  True story folks.

So now back to the big question, who is the favorite NFL team of the Capital Region? The Giants, Jets or Bills? Let me and WGNA know.

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