New Yorkers love their Country music, and a recent study determined the most popular Country singers in the state.

Before we dig into this list, it needs to be stated being a fan of any music artist, Country or otherwise, at its core is a very personal thing. Lists, polls, or whatever really do not matter. It all comes down to the artists and the songs we connect with the most on a personal level. That is what great songs are all about - connecting us to an emotion, a memory, a feeling - that is something that statistics simply cannot determine.

That said, there are some artists who make the connections more frequently than others for whatever reason, and that is where this list comes in. And if you are a fan, it is always cool to see the artists YOU love getting some accolades.

So here we go! The gambling experts at Empire Stakes needed a little Country music breather from their handicapping and did the research to determine the 5 most popular artists among Country fans in the Empire State.

Let's say this - no one on this list will surprise you!

The 5 Most Popular Country Singers In New York [RANKED]

Is your favorite Country singer among the most popular in New York? Empire Stakes has dug in to determine which Country singers are the most popular in the state based on Billboard's top Country artists and Google search statistics. After all the math and formulating, these are the 5 Country singers that are New York's favorite.

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