Do you always try to pose the same way in phots, so they get your "good side"?

Well, maybe you shouldn't . . . because you probably don't even know your good side.

A new survey found 23% of women think the right side of their face is the best. 18% went with the left. 16% said BOTH sides look great,  and 43% said neither looks better!  Awwwww.

But even though the right side got more votes . . . that's probably wrong!

A study out of Wake Forest University in North Carolina found that people usually find the LEFT side of people's faces more attractive.

The reason?  The experts think it's because the left side is controlled by the right side of the brain, which regulates your emotions . . . so it's slightly more expressive.

Hmmmmm... wonder which is my best side.  I also wonder why they do these studies!!

Miranda Lambert
Jason Merritt, Getty Images


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