WalletHub.com ranked the 116 biggest cities in the United States based on how hard they work.

They used criteria like the average hours people work in a week, commute times, people with multiple jobs, and how much leisure time people have.

A couple of cities pretty darn close to our listening area were on the list, but thankfully the Capital Region was safe!  After all, you are hard workers!

The laziest city in America is Burlington, Vermont!

The rest of the 10 laziest are:

1. Detroit

2. Providence, Rhode Island

3. San Bernardino, California

4. Buffalo, New York

5. Columbia, South Carolina

6. Tucson, Arizona

7. Toledo, Ohio

8. Cleveland, Ohio

9.  Fresno, California

Click here to see the whole list.

Courtesy of Andrew Burton/Stringer, Getty Images