Boy, have times changed.  And this story is even way before MY time.  Imagine that!  But I caught this article in the Albany Times Union and thought it was so cool According to some great investigative journalism by Marv Cermak, he tells of what local TV was like way back when.  Example, there was a musical group way back when called "After 6-7".  They played on WRGB-TV (Channel 6 for you locals) nitely in 1956  from 6:30-7PM!  A live band!  (wish I had video of this, but it doesn't seem to be available).  He didn't mention anything about news.  Just a live band!!!   He did say they had weather forecasts back then.  Well, I should say "forecast" .  ONE!   And you might remember the man who did it:

The last five minutes was filled by Howard Tupper, the Capital Region’s first TV weatherman.   This is what he looked like in the mid 70's.

And according to the article, that was the only weather they had on TV for the entire day's broadcast.  Wow, even we on the Sean and Richie Show we mention weather almost 20 times.

Isn't that amazing?  A live band.  Wouldn't that be great to have a live country band play instead of the same depressing news stories about gas prices, Lybia, cellphones that follow your every move, and the like?

And you wouldn't need all of those canned music stations on cable.  None of them could possibly be as good as a live band.

Actually, after Glenn Beck leaves Fox News, I think this would be a fantastic replacement.  Just mindless enjoyable music instead of a guy plotting out  Armageddon on his blackboard.   Ahhhhh, the good old days!

What old shows would YOU like to see return to replace what's on TV now?  I can think of a slew of them but who cares what I think?  I want to pick YOUR brains!

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