Perhaps you've heard that "Starting Monday, win Brian and Chrissy's cash!"  I realize that Chrissy and I were incredibly anxious to get started over here at GNA but me must not have read the fine print in our deal, because I'm pretty sure we would have asked a few questions about that!  Anyways, the bosses here have assured us that by giving away our cash, we'll build (or bribe depending on how you look at it)  some listener loyalty, so we'll trust it.

Anyways, consider it our gift to you as the new voices on the GNA Morning Rush. Twice a day, starting Monday, we are giving you a chance to win $1000! So how do you win? Listen at the times below for the Cash Keyword:

  • Mon: 9:45am and 2:45pm
  • Tues: 11:45am and 3:45pm
  • Weds: 8:45am and 5:45pm
  • Thurs: 10:45am and 4:45pm
  • Fri: 7:45am and 12:45pm

When you hear the word, just come back here to our website ( and enter the word for your shot to win a grand. Everytime we announce a keyword, someone wins $1000!

A thousand bucks ain't nothing to sneeze at.  It's a sweet new 55 inch HDTV, a year of gas, 182 pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, 199 Starbucks Grande Latte Macciato's, A few unlucky hours at Rivers Casino (speaking from experience of course) a steak dinner for 6 at a killer steakhouse or maybe even tickets to all the country shows coming to the area for the next year!  It's our errrrrrr YOUR money, do with it what you want.

The winning starts Monday!

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