Just when I thought the transition from pop to country couldn’t get any better or more exciting, Chrissy and I were whisked off to Nashville to hear and feel the new Brad Paisley album "Love and War." What we got was way more than his music, we experienced Brad himself.

Before Chrissy and I even had our first show on GNA, we had the opportunity to meet Garth and Trisha. As I stated in a previous blog, they were as kind and welcoming as any two people you’d ever meet. Think about the nicest neighbors inviting you over for some sweet tea and barbecue; that was them.

When I arrived in Nashville on Sunday afternoon for Brad Paisley's “Love and War” album release party, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew we were going to be listening to his album with fellow radio peeps, but how much would we see of Brad himself? We were told that we would have some time with him during our Monday morning LIVE broadcast, but just how much?

Well as I’m sitting in an airport now waiting to get back to Albany, I can’t stop marveling at how much Brad Paisley raised the bar. He not only walked us through “Love and War” during the listening party, but he shared with us the highs and lows of making the record.  He took us on a journey through all 16 tracks. We laughed, we cried, HE cried, we laughed some more.  We learned.

Before the listening party came to an end, Brad informed us that he was playing at the legendary Toosties in the heart of downtown Nashville and he extended a personal invite to the 150 or so people in attendance. He took the stage and it was magic. He jammed, he went off the cuff, he made some mistakes, he attempted to take some requests, he rocked out, he played from the heart.  It was amazing.

Monday was broadcast day from the Country Music Hall of Fame. When the time came to interview Brad Paisley, he had admittedly been going non-stop for weeks in anticipation of the album release.  But you wouldn’t know it. Millions and millions of records sold, countless awards, sold out tours across the globe and here was Brad Paisley doing an interview with Chrissy and I as if we were the last two people he’d ever talk to. He was attentive, fun, engaging, friendly, humble, thoughtful, kind, and beyond exhausted. Brad powered through,  answering each question as if he’s never heard them before (he’s probably answered them a thousand times) and he made eye contact the entire time.  After a polite handshake, he thanked us for making time for him.  "See ya'll again in Saratoga Springs on May 18th" he said as he was taken away to the next interview.

The guy doesn't miss a beat.

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