Every Monday, I go to WTEN News10 ABC and Steve Caporizzo shows me the pet he'll be featuring in his Wednesday night Pet Connection segment. Tonight, he will be featuring these two siblings, a little boy Sylvester (tuxedo) and his sister Maizy (calico).

I learned that about 99% of cats that are calico are female. If you happen to see a male who is calico, it is a rare find! These kittens were incredible sweet and obviously loved each other's company. At only 10 weeks old, you could tell that they already have their own personalities and would be perfect furry companions in your home.

Sylvester and Maizy are from the Columbia Greene Humane Society and were born in the shelter. That means that the kittens have been raised around people their entire lives and are used to being pet and held. When I held Maizy for the first time, she was so comfortable right from the beginning. Both kittens are spayed/neutered, dewormed and up to date on all vaccinations.

This is kitten season meaning that there is an abundance of kittens to be adopted. The perfect example that you should get all of your pets spayed and neutered so that we don't have to worry about so many amazingly adorable animals not having forever homes. Don't forget that just because there are so many kittens, the older cats need homes too!

To adopt Sylvester and Maizy or any of their other animals available, call the Columbia Greene Humane Society 518-828-6044.

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