You can’t watch tv anymore without being bombarded with commercials for all the different dating sites out there.  There are dating sites for people over 50, dating sites for Christians, free sites, paid sites – and even a dating site for FARMERS, because city people just don’t understand!

If you’re going to try out one of these dating sites, here are some tips for what NOT to do or say when you’re using them (these are real things people have said or done locally!):

1.  Do not join a dating site if you are still married, or you still live with your ex.  Just don’t do it.  Married is not the new single.

2. If you see a mom you think looks good, don’t send her an email or instant message and ask her out because she is a MILF!  Women don’t know how to respond to that.

3. Don’t post a photo of yourself five or more years ago.  Your date is going to notice if you actually find someone who will go out with you.

4. Don’t tell a woman you’re a sperm donor looking for an educated and pretty woman to have your babies.

5. Also, if you do happen to live in the same house as your ex or your parents, and you don’t have a car for whatever reason, avoid the following pickup line: “So, if we really do go out to have coffee or lunch – it’s going to have to be during the day and you’re going to have to pick me up and drop me off.”

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