Visiting St. Jude in Memphis was an overall life changing experience, but there is one thing I saw that I will carry with me forever.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is overall a very hopeful place. They successfully treat so many kids, and their research helps kids right here in the Capital Region and all over the world.

The hospital though can also be a sobering a place, especially if you are a parent. When I first visited the hospital 2 years ago, there was one moment where the sobering reality of kids fighting cancer struck me.

When I walked in to the lobby, there were wagons everywhere. Wagons parents use to move there kids throughout the hospital. And it's not for fun.

I saw one mom, pulling her daughter along in one of these wagons. She was sleeping in the wagon, had no hair and looked worn from her battle with whatever she was fighting. You could see she was in the midst of the fight of her life, and it was heartbreaking. Then I looked at her mom, and Imagined what it must be like to pull her daughter around in that wagon. She was probably use to her being full of energy, running all over the place. I put myself in her shoes and imagined how hard it must of been to see her daughter in that state.

At the same time, I was also glad she had a place like St. Jude. A place that allowed her to be with her daughter without worrying about the cost (Patients at St. Jude never get a bill!). Having a place to live at the hospital so she could be with her daughter while she fought her battle. Having a place that gave her hope.

That's is why it's called a Partner In Hope When you sign up to donate $20 a month to St. Jude, you are providing hope to kids and families going through the fight of their lives.

Are you ready to provide hope? Sign up to become a Partner In Hope today. And thank you.


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