If you haven't heard, I'm not from around these parts. I hail from from the mitten state, Michigan. Believe me, we have our own weird sayings and special foods. I'm curious, what are some foods that are associated with the Capital Region?

You see, back in Michigan, we have these delicious potato and meat pies called "pastys". They're a tradition and a cultural mark in Michigan from the Upper Peninsula.

This is a Pasty:

Contestants Take Part In The World Cornish Pasty Championships
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So, now that we played a little bit of Michigan food association, let's play some New York food association.

What food comes to mind when you think about Upstate New York?

I think the most common answer will be a Dough Boy from Esperanto. I'm not going to lie. It's some fantastic dining and I've never heard of getting it anywhere else. I would associate a doughboy with Upstate New York,

How about Chicken Riggi's? Which apparently, is just like rigatoni.

I've got to be missing a few? Help me out here.

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