When I read this story about Mya Hauser of Ballston Spa High School I had to share it.

Lately with all the negativity in the news, you start to wonder about the future of our country – can’t we get along.  Then you read something like this and think, we need to follow this example set by our very own Capital Region kids!


Mya Hauser (pictured on the left in photo), a sophomore and cheerleader at Ballston Spa High School, was diagnosed late last year with of stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Due to treatment, Mya had to leave school and cheerleading.  To support their friend, the cheerleading squad decided made T-shirts, bracelets and hair bows with Mya’s name on them to wear during games. It wasn’t long before the student body at Ballston Spa High was buying the merchandise in support as well.

Then, what happened will hopefully affect you as it did me.  Students from other Capital Region schools started buying the merchandise to support Mya as well.  School’s that are rivals and playing sports against each other knew the right thing to do was support each other, in life.  It makes you wonder, it’s so easy for them to put these things aside and do the right thing.  Shouldn’t we all?

Mya will continue to undergo treatment and hopes to return to school and cheerleading next year.  I wish her all the best.  And I thank her, Ballston Spa High School and the Capital Regions Schools who showed their support for showing the rest of us how to come together for one another.

You can read the whole story about Mya in The Ballston Journal.

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