Memorial Day Weekend was an epic start to summer 2023 and we kicked it off with an epics sold-out Zach Bryan show in Albany.

From the minute the doors opened at the MVP Arena on Friday night, the mood was electric. Zach Bryan has quickly become a phenomenon because of his amazing songs and the high passion for his craft from Country fans. Not only did Zach fans travel to this from throughout New York to see him in Albany, but we met fans from places as far away as TEXAS!

From the first note to the final curtain, the crowd was on its feet and singing along. Heck, we even saw the return of the wave while we were waiting for the show to begin! This was simply a fun and memorable night all the way through, and we got to experience firsthand just how great Zach's fans are as we met you on your way into the show. Zach was loving the Albany vibes as well!

We got a bunch of great photos of those fans on their way into the arena - were you one of them? Check out our GNA Hotshots from the show below.

Hotshots Pics: Zach Bryan @ MVP Arena In Albany May 26. 2023

It was an epic and electric night at the MVP Arena in Albany as Zach Bryan kicked off summer 2023 and Memorial Day Weekend. Did we snap a photo of you and your Country crew on your way into the arena? Find it here with our Hotshots photos from the show.



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