OMG I don't know how to react to this video, is it tragic or hysterical? I guess you will have to decide for yourself.

It seems that the staff of a restaurant in New Jersey decided to create a lottery pool  for last Saturday's Powerball and they checked the numbers after the drawing. In this very poor video you can see the bartender loudly reading the numbers out loud as another staffer checks the ticket , you can tell they already think they have it because as they loudly "verify" all the numbers they get more and more excited.

I can almost hear the conversation in my head "YO,  Vinny are you sure those are the numbers I think we got it, read them again while I check the ticket ....this is un-F&%#$&@ believable!"

They did have a matching ticket! The whole place goes wild, there are hugs , cheers, high fives, screaming, everything you would expect. For a while and I don't know how long these people were all millionaires! In a way I'm jealous because I would love to have that feeling even if only for a little while. What I wouldn't want to feel and would love to see on video as well, is how they reacted when they found out they were reading numbers from the WEEK BEFORE. Ugh.

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