A few days ago we talked about a street preacher named, Angela Cummings who went inside the Target store in Glens Falls and loudly screamed about the store's policy on bathroom use. Now she has found her way to Scotia to "preach" her gospel to the students as they were leaving the high school. Authorities like the Assistant Principle and local police however, were not pleased with the alarming tone and loudness of what she was saying and eventually got her to stop and go away , but not before she had plenty of video to use for her website.

Bethany and I talked about this late in the show this morning and would love to get more input , especially from any students, parents, teachers or school administrators form the Scotia - Glenville system. We'd love for you to join us and call in tomorrow morning as we talk about this issue and here the the things I want to know from you.

1. Was this woman in her rights and only practicing free speech? If not where did she cross the line?

2. Did the assistant principle over react or did you think he did the right thing in protecting his students and school?

3. How did you think the police handled the situation ? Would you have wanted them to do anything different?

Those are just some of the things I wonder about watching the video. Take a look yourself and let me know what you think. Remember we will be talking about this live tomorrow morning in the 6:00 hour on WGNA.