I guess I have been living under a rock because I feel like I may be the only person who didn't even know they were making a new "Vacation" movie, especially being such a huge fan of the original. Let's be clear, I am not a big fan of "remakes" and the nice thing is , this isn't. While it has some cameos and definitely pays tribute to the original "Vacation" starring Chevy Chase this movie has is more of a sequel that takes place thirty years later.

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The plot of the movie is pretty basic but sound. A Grown up "Rusty Griswald" decides that his family needs a shake up and chooses to try to relive his childhood memory of the greatest vacation his family ever had, their trip to Wally World. Though one could argue that Rusty's best vacation was in Las Vegas as Nick Pappageogio.

All said, I think the movie looks very funny with plenty of the same style of humor the original gave us and Ed Helms is the perfect casting for the adult Rusty. Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann are also in this new film.


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