After a melee broke out inside the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, at a concert last Friday night, a decision has been made to suspend all upcoming concerts.

Washington Avenue Armory In Albany - Google Street View

The melee involved an assault and six stabbings.

The New York State Department Of State is investigating the security situation, and the Armory’s overall security practices. The Armory is not registered to handle its own in-house security. New York State requires security to be registered. Safety of the patrons is a commitment of the Armory.

There’s also a full review being conducted by officials at the Armory, which includes ticketing, overall operations of the venue and security procedures. There are three upcoming shows cancelled that were scheduled at the Armory. One show was scheduled for March 27, one on March 28 and another on April 10.

According to the article in the Times Union, there are some upcoming events scheduled at the armory that have not been affected by the suspension.