I stopped for gas at my local convenient store and went in to grab a cup of coffee on my way to the radio station. When I came up to the counter to pay I was surprised by a new countertop display next to the cash register...little bottles of Fireball.

I was really surprised. I actually asked the cashier behind the counter, "You carry Fireball now?" she said, "Yeah, I guess."

A couple of months ago I had asked the owner of the convenience store about an empty storefront in his building and he told me that was looking into opening a wine and spirits store, but that it would take at least eight to 12 months before it would open.

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I thought it was weird seeing Fireball for sale in the gas station since I thought liquor could only be sold in liquor stores in New York. Then I saw the Table Hopping article in the Times Union about the same exact thing.

Apparently, that wasn't Fireball Cinnamon Whisky I saw at the gas station/convenience store. Nope, it was Fireball Cinnamon. What's the difference?

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a whisky that you can only buy at a liquor store in New York. It's 66 proof and based on Canadian Whisky with cinnamon flavoring and sweeteners from the Sazerac Company.

Fireball Cinnamon (notice there's no Whisky after the word Cinnamon) is actually a malt beverage that is 33 proof and isn't based on whisky at all. It just kinda tastes like the Fireball whisky that I'm used to passing around the campfire.

So, the short answer is "NO". Don't be fooled, Fireball Whisky isn't being sold at New York convenience stores, gas stations, or grocery stores. Fireball Cinnamon malt beverage is being sold and the labels are almost identical.

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