Volatile weather strikes again

Upstate NY was hit with another round of unpredictable and volatile weather on Monday when a storm produced heavy rain in areas along with lightning.  But, what many of us in the immediate Capital Region got hit with paled in comparison to what some of our New York neighbors a bit to our west got on Monday.

Did a tornado touch down in Upstate NY?

The NWS has yet to confirm whether or not a tornado touched down, but there are some pretty compelling pics and videos that show that at the very least, a funnel cloud did form over parts of Upstate New York

According to Localsyr.com, weather watchers for the National Weather Service say "they witnessed a tornado near the Cortland/Tompkins County border Monday evening."

According to the news station, the twister was spotted around 7:45 p.m. Monday in McGraw.

Funnel cloud in Deer River

Video of a possible twister in West Leyden, NY





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