25-year-old U.S. Army Specialist Chris Harris was killed in action while on duty in Afghanistan on August 2nd, just one week after finding out his wife Britt Harris, 26, of Southern Pines, NC was expecting their first child.  When his wife found out the sex of the baby, she reached out to his fellow comrades who assisted her in one of the most touching gender reveals you will ever see.


Chris' wife Britt, said seeing the veterans reaction to the streamers that revealed her baby's gender was the happiest she's been since she lost her hero husband back in August. She of course knew the gender of the baby, but she sent them the streamers and confetti as a special surprise to them.  Boy did it work.   Pfc. Joel Crunk of Mississippi served with Harris and posted the video to his YouTube account and had this to say about the video “The reveal is in Afghanistan with the men who fought by his side. We are happy to welcome the new member of our company.”

Britt has another tribute to her fallen husband planned; Christopher Michael Harris’ daughter, she says, will be named Christian Michelle Harris, after him. Just as soon as she gets around to being born.


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