A 38-year-old Shaftsbury, Vermont man, is in a little trouble with the law. His trip to the Albany area landed him to a final stop in the Rensselaer County Jail.

Corona Beer (Photo by Scott Olson:Getty Images) / Heineken Beer (Photo by Michael Bradley:Getty Images)

Barrett Downey was driving through Albany, when he was pulled over by The Albany Police, for a traffic stop. Apparently, Downey was in the sights of the law because he allegedly helped himself to eight cases of beer at the Brunswick Price Chopper, on Hoosick Road, and left the store without paying for them. He was accused of stealing four cases of Heineken Beer and four cases of Corona Beer. The Heineken / Corona Beer heist at the Price Chopper store, took place back in January.

According to the story from Newschannel 13, Downey will be returning to Rensselaer County Court, today. He ended up with a charge of Petit Larceny.