Lawmakers have introduced a bill to that would allow drivers to add an emoji to vanity plates.

My first question is why? And, well, why would also be my second question! Regardless, NBC 5 is reporting a Vermont state representative has introduced a bill that would make emojis an option on vanity license plates. 6 emoji options would be available that could basically be added to a DMV assigned number or a chosen vanity plate.

In all honesty, this really does not affect anyone in any major way. So it is not a bad thing, and maybe drivers ultimately can have fun with it. But this is one of those things where you ask is this necessary legislation? Anyone is free to put an emoji sticker somewhere on their vehicle, while legislators stay focused on the most important matters at hand. That said, maybe there will be an emoji fee to help drive more revenue or to help other causes like other vanity plates do. If there is some greater cause at hand, maybe it will be worthwhile. We'll have to wait and see if this gets the thumbs up emoji!

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