Just in time for the busy summer season, a former Saratoga Street hotspot is coming back to life.

There are plenty of revelers on any given night on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs, there is also no shortage of spots to make a party destination for an evening. Another spot that used to be a popular bar, restaurant, and night club is about to reopen under a new name!

Google Maps Streetview
Google Maps Streetview

Do you remember Dango's at 38 Caroline Street? It used to be a great Irish pub, restaurant, and nightclub before it closed a few months back. According to Notes on Napkins, the new owners are prepping a menu and wrapping up a full renovation as they get ready to open a new music-centered venue called The Wild Horse later this spring.

All 3 floors of the venue are being renovated and the Notes on Napkins report says it will feature a "...front bar area with brick and wood decor, a VIP room, and potentially a new balcony overlooking the outdoor entertainment area."

Over the years Dango's was known as a great outdoor summer destination for live music, and it is so cool to see that aspect will return at the new Wild Horse!

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