I guess what some see as a toilet, others see as art. And an Upstate New York has residents on both sides of the seat.

As I am surfing around the internet, I always keep an eye out for interesting stories to relay to you, and give you my take on. Some are funny, some are serious and some will make you shake your head and giggle. This story is the latter.

Toilet wars. Or, more appropriately, residents trying to determine if toilets can be 'art.' That is what is happening now in Potsdam.  According to nyup.com, Hank Robar has adorned his yard with toilet gardens - or, art. As you can imagine, come local residents are so crazy about this art. The local Agway is even speaking out against it with protest's on their digital sign saying 'We don't see art.'

I can settle this right now. Flower pots are intended for gardens, and can be art. Toilets are intended to be in the bathroom. They should stay where they belong, where they cannot be seen.

For anyone who thinks the toilets are art - look at it this way: would you keep a flower pot in your bathroom to do your business? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Let's keep all the pots in their proper places.

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