(Updated on Sunday, Fberuary 9 at 10:45 p.m.) It's official - Facebook has posted John Berlin's son Jesse Berlin's Look Back Video.


Thanks to Jeff Levack for telling me about this story, and getting the info in a story from News 10 ABC. This has to be one of the emotional stories that I have ever written about.


We’ve all seen those Facebook Look back videos where if you click a link, you’ll see a video compilation of the pictures that you posted on Facebook, in honor of their tenth anniversary.

This is one that a man wants some help from Facebook, to post a Look Back video of his deceased son. The man making the You Tube request to Mark Zuckerberg is John Berlin. Jesse, his son, died a couple of years ago. He had a Facebook page but doesn’t know the password.

According to a statement from John, Facebook will be helping him out, and posting his son's Look Back video, soon.

Here’s John's video request that was posted by John Berlin. Warning, you will need the tissues.