Union College in Schenectady continues to search for answers about claims that a vulgar scavenger hunt was allegedly performed by one of their athletic teams.  How surprised by this were you?

While there is no actual proof that any of the 60 activities on the dirty bucket list were performed, Union College is embarrassed and looking for answers.  While Union hierarchy tries to get to the bottom of this, there could be one if not many student athletes who drank urine, puked on someone, smoked a blunt with a professor, drew male anatomy on their face, or got a tattoo on their rear end among other things.
I really can't figure out if this was some sort of hazing incident, or just a group of jocks creating a silly wish list of events that they never actually intended to perform.  However, in true Union form,  it did come with various "point distributions" per task as well as a deadline.  Give the students an "A" for being buttoned up in Dirty Bucket List 101.

My guess is you'll see Union College make some sort of statement and issue an apology on behalf of the school and the community.  You may even see some of the students apologizing as well, followed by some active communuty service in the Schenectady area. When it's all said and done, no harm, no foul.

You can take the kid to college, but sometimes you can't take the "college" out of the kid.

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