Finish up back to school shopping cheap!!  Here are the deals Andrea Featured on The Sean & Richie Show this week!

This week, Andrea featured really cheap back to school deals, like PENNY deals!  There are also school essentials you can find for under $1!  Stock up for this year and next!!

Back To School/
Back To School/

Clothes shopping doesn't have to break the bank either.  Check out where you can get discount designer clothes!  Make your dollar go farther by shopping these discount stores right here in the capital region!

Saving throughout the year is such a good thing whether it's at a local restaurant or your favorite store!  Each fall, school athletic teams around the capital region sell discount cards as fundraisers.  Deals are local to your area and will save you so much money throughout the year!  These cards are only $15 and you're supporting your local school!  Win-Win!! Andrea bought one last year, we saved out favorite restaurant and pizza place every time we went in!  It literally made her day when kids from the neighborhood came to the door selling them!  Get yours soon!!

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