Some tense moments at The Port Of Albany because of an oil spill that happened earlier today.

Oil Tankers - Port Of Albany
Oil Tankers - Port Of Albany (Google Street View)

Some of the workers were following a procedure to clean out a tank when something went wrong with a piece of equipment that was being used. A fitting failed that was attached to the containment device as the crews that were pumping out crude oil sludge. The failure created the a 400 gallon spill.

Two of the workers that were trying to repair the failure were injured and sent to Albany Medical Center. Both workers went to the hospital for evaluation. The New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation was called to the scene. According to the story from News 10 ABC, they have reported that there is no danger of any contaminates or any fire danger from the spill. The spill is still in the process of being cleaned up with the help of some outside contractors.

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