Two Saratoga County residents are the first in the Capital Region to test positive for the virus.

As has been reported recently, it was a matter of not if but when the Coronavirus would show up locally. According to a Times Union report, Governor Cuomo announced today two Saratoga County residents have tested positive for the virus. A man and a woman, both in their 50s, came in contact with a Pennsylvania resident who also tested positive.

The TU also reported the state has declared a state of emergency so we are well-prepped for an outbreak and expanding testing, but at this point, officials are not overly concerned. According to the TU, Cuomo said more people have recovered from the illness than contracted it, which is hopefully a good sign that all the precautions being taken are helping to slow the spread of the virus.

I feel like we have to be getting to a more level-headed place when it comes to everyone's response and reaction to the Coronavirus. While we all should be concerned and taking appropriate measures to avoid this virus, unnecessary fear is never helpful. According to the Centers for Disease Control, while some cases can be serious, most cases of the Coronavirus have been mild. Knowledge and the facts are always helpful, so go to the experts to be informed. You can visit the CDC to learn more about Coronavirus here.

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