I love hearing about these unusual holidays - National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. The first thing that I thought of were chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Day

There’s nothing like fresh, home made chocolate chip cookies. Nestle’ Toll House Cookies are a wonderful thing.

I think that most of us Albany area love Freihofer’s Chocolate chip cookies. I know people that have moved away from our area and had friends and family send them a couple of boxes. The program director of a radio station that I used to work for would keep a box in a drawer in his desk. Somehow they would disappear over a weekend. Let me just say that it wasn’t just me that ‘knew about them.’

Besides chocolate chip cookies, there some other very yummy favorites of mine. Chocolate chip muffins from Hannaford. Every now and then, I treat myself by going to the bakery department.

Chocolate chip pancakes - When we go to Cape Cod for vacation, we always make at least one stop at Pancake Man in South Yarmouth. This is the place that I thought had the best chocolate chip pancakes. Don’t forget the whipped cream.

What’s your favorite chocolate chip treat and do you have a recipe for it that you think is the best?


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