Saratoga Brewfest is tomorrow at Saratoga Race Course, and these are 5 summery beers you have to try that will accompany your summer fun!

'Tis the season to find some great craft brews to pair with your warm weather activities. Tomorrow at Saratoga Brewfest, you can make some nice pairings fro your summertime activities. Here are 4 I recommend you try, and the activities they will be perfect for.

Shmaltz Slingshot - Great For Boating

I first tried this one a couple weeks ago, and I'll be honest. I drank a bunch of them. A nice, light brew with a hint of citrus, I could see my jumping on a pontoon on Lake George this summer with some of these in tow.

Shipyard Summer - The Beach

Having lived in Portland, Maine where Shipyard is brewed, there Summer ale holds a special place in my hear. Grab a 12 back and some lemon wedges for these, and you are set for an afternoon on the beach!

Saranac Blueberry Blonde - Campfire

Blueberry beers have definitely grown in popularity the last few yeas, and Saranac's Blueberry Blonde is one of the best! Another great,light summery beer with a hint of Blueberry. Perfect for relaxing next to a campfire.

Switchback Ale - Working Around the Yard

It can't be all play and no work this summer! Grab some Swicthback Ale for an afternoon of getting ti done around the yard. Just a great, satisfying ale that may end up sidetracking you from your chores. But that's ok, it summer!

Try all these great beers and more tomorrow at Saratoga Brewfest!



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