A Troy woman is sharing her story in a trending Facebook post about how a man kept following her and was almost successful in kidnapping her Saturday night.

A Facebook post is trending from Saturday where a woman named Marie Filkins alleges that a man followed her in his tan SUV, even though she tried to avoid him. If it wasn't for her quick thinking, Marie said that she could have kidnapped her.

Not to lessen Marie's story, she's brave for having protected herself, but of course with every story posted on Facebook, it is all hearsay (even if it's true). There is no evidence of the situation aside from Marie's account and though it doesn't make it any less true, I just want to make sure that's noted before going into it.

The post on Facebook has been shared over 500 times. There's another post she shared that I can only imagine is another woman's account of the same type of situation but it's currently not available. So far, Marie has stated that she doesn't know if she wants to tell her story to the news and is just hoping that her account on Facebook will get the word out to enough people to make sure others are aware and hopefully, help the Troy PD find this guy.

Overall, as always, be aware of your surroundings, especially if you're walking alone. Luckily, for Marie, she was quick enough to protect herself and run away after the man grabbed her arm. This story could've ended up completely different if she didn't notice this man before he got out of his van.

She reports that the man was in his mid-30s and driving a tan Bronco. Keep and eye out and stay safe!

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