If you frequent Troy, then you're probably one of the many people heartbroken over this staple's closing.

After being a must-stop place in Troy, Psychedelicatessen is closing on June 14th. You most likely know the eatery famous for their bagels and local products by the Grateful Dead bears on the window. You probably ate inside their hippy home away from home or even grabbed a book from the huge phonebooth in the corner. After June 14th, you won't be able to anymore.

Based on an explanation on their Facebook page, they ran into some financial difficulties and could no longer stay open. Though people are reaching out to them with options, they have assured everyone that they did everything they could and this honestly was the only option available. You have a little over a month to fill up your freezers with delicious homemade bagels.

They even mentioned potentially having a going away party so if you're as heartbroken as I am, keep an eye out for that.

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