The Troy Savings Bank Building, located at State Street and Second Street, is no longer home to a bank. In a story that I read in the Times Union, First Niagara Bank was housed in the downtown Troy landmark. They closed their doors at 3:00 p.m. on Friday May 18.

First Niagara acquired the Albany area’s network of HSBC Banks. Because of this, they had two branches on the same block. They chose to keep the busier branch open at Third Street and Broadway.

On the second floor, the building housed the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, and hosted many live shows from numerous singers and performers. Officials from HSBC are working with the music hall and trying to find a complimentary tenant for the space on the second floor.

The historic building has served as a bank since it opened in 1870. Let’s hope they do find a way to keep this historic building operating, and not let it fall apart.