Mosquitos love me. I don't know why, but they do. I've pretty much tried everything to keep them away from me, except this!

When you're heading out to go camping this season or even just spending time at the drive-in, your first grab is probably bug spray, right? It feels like sometimes it works and most of the time it doesn't and I always end up with 20 mosquito bites. Bug spray may seem like a smart idea, but new studies show that there's a more unconventional way people are scaring away bugs.

I saw on News10 that researchers have begun to study how music affects insects, specifically mosquitos. They found that one type in particular keeps them away, the only sad part is that it's not country (how convenient would that be?).

According to the new study, EDM music, specifically of the artist Skrillex, is a good way to keep away the bugs. The article said, "those subjected to the music had a lower chance of getting bit than those not subject to the music." Is it my or your first choice? Probably not, but wouldn't you suffer through it a little not not be itching for the next week after a weekend camping?

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